Marine Glass Polishing & Coating Treatment

Marine polishing & coating treatment

Do you have salt stains or other marks on your boat or cruise ship that you want removed?

Would you like to protect your boat, ship or marine vessel from further damage?

We can treat new and existing glass, plastic and metal surfaces irrespective of age and on-site; no need to move your boat at all.

We treat glass windows using polishing machines to restore them back to their original condition. We are able to polish the surface and restore the glass using our own unique glass polishing kits.

Our unique marine polishing and coating treatment has been successfully applied to glass, plastic and metal surfaces on cruise ships and other marine vessels to remove salt stains, reverse oxidation and chemically seal the treated surface to protect it from further damage and make cleaning easier.

We have extensive experience in helping the marine industry restore glass damaged by salt water, chemical cleaning and daily wear and tear. Our technicians are fully trained to undertake work on land or afloat and meet the highest service quality requirements.

A maintenance program or staff training is available, to ensure re-treatment at a fraction of the initial cost. Contact us for further details.

DIY use

DIY repair kits available for personal use in the removal and repair of marine glass damage.

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Commercial use

For Professional use by cleaning contractors and fully trained experts.

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Contact our team of Glass Polish experts who are always glad to help.

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Severity of glass mineral deposits damage

Mineral Deposits damage is classified into three main categories, Limescale, Stains, Chemical Damage, depending on the cause.


graffiti1Light grey and white colour, the result of continues exposure to water and lack of water residue cleaning.


Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_BeforeLight marks in various shades, the result of exposure to salt water, paint, road derbies and lack of cleaning.

Chemical damage

DSC00191Dark grey etch marks, the result of exposure to cleaning chemicals, acids and corrosives.

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