Leather Care & Repair

Leather Care & Repair

Polish away scratches or haziness from leather surfaces, renew your leather sofas, car interiors and designer furniture.

You can purchase the most suitable repair kit to carry out the repair. We provide technical support and detailed instructions. However, if you prefer to hire an expert to do the job, contact us by completing the ‘Hire An Expert’ form or calling number above.


For DIY use, user friendly removal of all forms of leather scratches and damage.

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Commercial Use

For Professional use  on leather such as cleaning contractors etc.

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Hire An Expert

Looking for the experts to do the job, we have repair experts ready to go.

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Severity of Glass Damage

Damage can be classified into three main categories, based on severity. The length and depth of a scratch determines the exact process and time required for complete removal.

Light Scratch

graffiti1The kind which you cannot hang a fingernail in, and is often the result of glass on glass rubbing, as well as sand paper scuffmarks.

Medium Scratch

Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_BeforeIs substantial enough to catch your nail, but not enough to hang the edge. This can be the result of razor blade cuts or sand erosion.

Heavy Scratch

DSC00191Can be felt under the touch of a finger, and is easily visible to the naked eye. This kind of damage is often the result of pet scratches or dragging from moving furniture.

We take pride in removing EVERY Scratch

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