International Franchise

The Glass Polish International Franchise is designed for companies wanting to guarantee service exclusivity within a specific country. Purchasing a master licence will enable licence holders to sub licence in their territory.

Glass Polish will help with the complete set-up of the business in your country. We will provide training and marketing material, ensuring you have everything required for a fully functional repair service business.

5-year licence agreement

5 days hands-on training

1 x  GP-WIZ™ glass repair system

Free marketing material

Free website (without translations)

Free access to technical support

Free access to pricing support

We currently operate in 22 countries around the world and have over 130 trained technicians.

We offer 3 types of International licences

Master Licence
Designed for those who wish to enter the lucrative Glass and Plastic scratch repair business in a specific country and receive exclusivity.

Region Licence
Designed for organizations wishing to operate our Glass and Plastic repair systems in a specific city, region or market with in a country.

Product Licence
Companies and Individuals who want to sell our DIY to Professional Glass and Plastic repair products in an exclusive or non exclusive format.

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