Construction glass repair

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Construction site mishaps are to be expected, but when glass gets scratched or damaged, time and money losses can start to add up. We have extensive experience in removing scratches and repairing damage on-site for various building contractors. With our glass scratch removal products and services, we can polish and restore your glass back to its original condition.

Below you will find different types of site glass damage. You can purchase a kit to do it yourself, or hire us to the job for you.

Construction glass scratch repair

Glass_Polish_Repair_ResidentialOur glass scratch removal kits can remove all types of damage from glass on-site, no matter how deep. They have also been scientifically proven to strengthen the glass.

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Construction glass chip & crack repair

Chips can often signal the life end of glass. With our specialist resin, you can fill in chips and restore the structural integrity of your glass, eliminating the need for a replacement.

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Construction graffiti scratches removal

Graffiti scratches left by vandals on your glass can be unpleasant and irritating. Our removal kits will polish and remove scratches with zero distortion, leaving your glass looking good as new for a fraction of the cost for a full replacement.

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Construction plastic & acrylic scratch repair

Plastic and acrylic surfaces on-site can often be affected by haziness, scratches and abrasion marks. Our plastic polishing kits can repair all types of damage for a fraction of the cost for a replacement.

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Limescale mineral desposits & stain removal

Mineral Damage Glass RepairMineral deposits and stains on glass are caused when glass surfaces are exposed to the elements; with rain, sun light, air, dust and building materials being the main culprits. Our polishing kits will remove deposits and stains from surfaces with zero distortion.

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Construction grinder & welder splatter damage repair

Grinder or welder splatter is caused when using an angle grinder or welder near glass; flying metal particles can leave burn marks on the surface. Our kits will polish and remove this damage, restoring the quality of your glass for a fraction of the cost for a replacement

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Severity of glass scratches

Scratch damage can be classified into three main categories depending on its depth: light, medium and deep.

Light scratch

graffiti1Grey in colour and very faint. A scratch that your fingernail would not catch. It is often the result of careless cleaning or rubbing, as well as sand paper scuffs.

Medium scratch

Angle_Grinder_Splatter_On_Window_Repair_BeforeDark grey or light white in colour. A scratch that your fingernail would catch, it is often caused by hard blunt objects such as a stone or razor blade.

Deep damage

DSC00191 White visible or chipped the kind which you can catch your fingernail in and hang, it is often the result of moving heavy objects over the glass like graffiti scratches.

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I am very happy with the work, I also appreciate the fact that after removing the graffiti tagging your guy removed other scrapes and marks on the other window. That showed a willingness to do the job properly as we hadn’t requested he do it. I would definitely recommend your company. Thank you.

Jason Mckeown

Store Manager, Heal's